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An exclusive amulet, a pendant of Baltic amber in the shape of a doughnut. A handmade free-format pendant that hides a piece of another mysterious world inside. This piece of amber features grass, leaves and soil “trapped” inside 30 million years ago. This pendant is absolutely unique with a story behind it. It can be worn around the neck on a leather string, carried in a handbag as a good-luck charm, or kept at home as a charming interior decoration. Delight yourself or your loved one with a lovely good-luck charm!

  • Diameter: 4 cm. / 1.49 inch.
  • Thickness: 1.3 cm. / 0.78 inch.
  • The hole measures: 0.6 cm. / 0.23 inch.
  • Weight: 12.7 g. / 0.44 oz
  • Color: cognac, black
  • Natural Baltic amber
All our products is handmade from natural high quality Baltic Amber. We guarantee 100% quality of our items. 


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