All of our jewellery is made only from natural and genuine Baltic amber and each detail or item is made of an individual piece.

There are several ways to check if your piece of Baltic amber is genuine:

  • It should float in salty water.
  • Amber is warm, so it should feel warm against your lips. Other minerals are cold.
  • Giving a good rub on a piece of cloth or jeans should produce a pleasant scent of resin – it’s yet another sign that you have purchased genuine Baltic amber.

Some amber jewellery is made of pressed amber, i.e. lots of small pieces of amber, pressed together into a single piece.

We don’t practice this and the jewellery offered at our shop is made of only genuine Baltic amber.

  • Small amber beads are given to babies and children to help them with the pain of growing teeth.
  • Amber also has soothing properties that help people struggling with stress and anxiety.
  • Some believe that wearing an amber necklace will improve thyroid function.
  • Rubbing against each other or other surfaces could damage your amber jewellery, so it’s advisable to keep them separate, avoid contact with rough surfaces, dropping or other mechanical impact. You should also take care to protect your jewellery from chemical substances, sudden temperature changes, heat and saline or chlorinated water.
  • The current global Covid-19 pandemic may cause a delay in the package delivery from 10 to 30 business days.
  • We sell our amber jewellery online and also take part at the major mineral and jewellery fairs in Germany, Poland, Italy, France and Lithuania.

We dispatch orders in 1-3 business days after full payment. All packages are delivered by registered priority mail using Lithuanian postal services (except for DHL Express delivery). Information with the package tracking number is provided upon dispatch.

Estimated delivery time

  • Lithuania: 1-3 business days;
  • Europe: 3-10 business days;
  • Canada: 10-21 business days;
  • United States of America: 10-21 business days;
  • Australia, New Zealand: 12-21 business days;
  • Asia: 10-21 business days

Yes, we can deliver your package using DHL Express courier services. The delivery time all over the world is 1-4 business days. Express delivery may take several days if the DHL system shows the delivery address as a remote location.

If you choose this type of delivery service, you must indicate your phone number so that the courier could find you.

All our packaging is made of environmentally-friendly materials and your goods will be packed into a box with our logo.

Our goods are made of 100 % genuine Baltic amber, 925 silver and/or 925 silver-gilt. Each silver part features a hallmark.

Yes, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

Yes, you will get namely the item that you see in the photo. The goods, offered online may look slightly different from the actual items in terms of size and colours, depending on the buyer’s monitor settings. This should not be regarded as lack of quality or non-compliance to the description. The goods we offer are made of only genuine Baltic amber and that is a special stone – each piece is unique and thus some items may slightly differ.

The buyer has a right to refuse the goods sale-purchase agreement with the e-shop by providing the seller with a written notice (by e-mail, indicating the goods to be returned and the order number) no later than in 14 (fourteen) business days since the day of the delivery. The buyer can use the right to return the goods only if the goods are intact, there were no substantial changes to the way the item looks and also if it wasn’t used.

No, but we guarantee that all items are made of 100 % natural and genuine Baltic amber.